2018 VMUG Call for Content

By Katie Lyons posted 11-28-2017 01:00 PM


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Welcome to the 2018 VMUG Call for Content!

We’re looking for seasoned professionals—folks who are not only experienced with VMware applications, but who are also engaging, top-notch storytellers and speakers—to provide case study and topic-based presentations, and participate in panel discussions.

The high quality of our presenters, panelists, and workshop instructors helps to differentiate VMUG User Conferences from other events. Our conferences are highly-focused, well-respected, intimate, educational events designed to help attendees learn about the topics, standards, methods and technologies utilized today to enable cloud infrastructure solutions.

If you’re an excellent or aspiring presenter who has experienced first-hand the business value that VMware solutions can deliver, we want to hear from you! If you have personally worked to help an organization overcome complex data center challenges—and had to balance investment against the rate at which concrete returns can be realized—we want to hear from you.

Speaking at VMUG events is a fantastic experience and if you have ever attended, you know that the quality of session speakers is extremely high. If you are thinking “Hey, I have a great story to tell and I should submit my idea!” here are a few tips and guidelines to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

For 60-90 minute sessions, we’re looking for speakers that:

  • Can facilitate hands on learning
  • Provide real-world comparisons
  • Dive more in-depth on a technical level
  • Showcase how you can achieve more

For 40 minute sessions, we’re looking for speakers that:

  • Have a great story to tell and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others
  • Help solve common challenges
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-to’s
  • Can go deep on how your company is using VMware including the roll-out
  • Highlight the ROI and additional benefits your company and team has seen since implementing VMware

For our 30 minute sessions, we’re looking for speakers that:

  • Can highlight a tip or trick like “Use this shortcut to save 10 minutes a week”
  • Tell a great customer success story
  • Focus and/or highlight a specific feature and how you are using it
  • A great demo
  • Cross Cloud Solutions - using multiple products to solve your challenges

For our 15 minute sessions, we’re looking for speakers that:

  • Stories from the trenches
  • Career thoughts & advice (IE: how can I get into a role where I can be more customer facing? How can I be like those people I see on the stage?)
  • How do I solve this one problem?
  • Quick Hit: Technical
  • Quick Hit: Professional Development

Each session format can be addressed from several perspectives:

  • Technology Focus – How does it work, how is the technology evolving, ripple effects on existing systems, networks and apps, etc.
  • Business Case – Calculating ROI/TCO, business benefits/costs, impacts on user departments and individual users.
  • Case Study: Decision factors leading to deployment, results – planned/unplanned, lessons learned, etc.
  • Impact on IT Organization – Decision-making, team building, and skill sets.
  • Impact on IT-LOB Relationship – How does this change the decision-making and/or relationship(s)?

Now that you have an idea of what we’re looking for, here are a few helpful tips for crafting your speaker submission so that you get selected to speak:

  • Outline your talking points - think about why an attendee should give you their time
  • List what problems you are solving
  • List your top messages
  • List your target personas and/or industries - who is the audience for your story?
  • What is the take-away or action item the attendee walks away with?

Review Process

Completed submissions undergo an anonymous review by members-at-large and volunteer VMUG members serving on the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee is comprised of content experts and local event leaders. The committee makes final selections based on the results of the initial review.

The Call for Speakers closes on December 8, 2017 and all submitters will be notified of their status by early 2018.

Please Note: The call for content will remain open throughout the year.  Content received by December 8 will have priority for the first half of the year events, February – April. 

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Questions can be directed to Molly Hewitt at mhewitt@vmug.com.




03-26-2018 09:36 AM

Has anything come from this?

11-29-2017 03:03 PM

Just some questions. I submit over 20 CFP's a year and your missing some key information if you want quality submissions and no surprises after acceptance or denials. Here is just a few. Thanks for your help.
  • Compensation (mileage, etc.) for selecting "Regional..." or "All" events on the submission form?
  • How would you in all honesty know to or be able to submit for events that we aren't even given the dates of?
  • Who is reviewing the submissions and what are the criteria for selection?
  • Who owns the presentation material if submitted and presented?
  • Are there any restrictions on the material or subjects being submitted (vendor, partner, competitive, etc.)?

11-29-2017 02:49 PM

So, you must submit your proposals by 12/8 to be considered for all of 2018? Your giving 2 weeks notice to submit for the entire year? Please explain. Thanks.