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Call for Participation

By Katie Lyons posted 11-16-2018 11:14 AM


Dear VMUG Members,

As we approach 2019, VMUG has new opportunities for the community to get involved. VMUG will restructure the Board committees and councils to increase efficiencies, involvement and communication with the VMUG community. Task Forces will be created as needed to bring a specific set of skills together in order to accomplish a short-term task. Committees and Councils will continue to operate towards the same set of goals and objectives.

The new structure is as follows:


Councils are initiative-specific advisory groups established to provide feedback and guidance on specific strategic issues.

  • Leader Advisory Council
  • NEW: Member Advisory Council


Committees are defined by their primary objectives and focus.

  1. NEW: Program Success Committee (Committee will consist of VMUG members and include support for all VMUG programs e.g. UserCons, agendas and content, communications, VMUG Advantage, etc.)
  2. The following committees within VMUG have a predefined constituency and not open to broader VMUG members:


  • Governance Committee 
  • Nominations Committee
  • Finance & Audit Committee 

Task Forces

Task Forces will be created as needed and will offer short-term, project specific support. Some examples may be around approving content for events, planning for the Leader Summit, etc.

We have now opened an official Call for Participation. If you are interested in participating and volunteering your time over 2019, please complete the application below. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to Member Services at

  • 2019 VMUG Committee, Council and Task Force interest form can be found by clicking here

Your VMUG Board of Directors