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Duncan Epping on VMUG History, VMware, and Expectations for the June Virtual Event.

By Lori Donaldson posted 05-15-2018 11:49 AM


Duncan Epping on VMUG History, VMware, and Expectations for the June Virtual Event.

VMUG interviews Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist for VMware’s Office of CTO of the Storage and Availability business unit and keynote speaker for the upcoming VMUG June Virtual event. Duncan shares with us his history with VMUG and what is unique about his upcoming keynote address during the Virtual Event.

How long have you been a VMUG member?
I have been a member of VMUG for the longest time, and to be honest I can't even recall when I first visited the VMUG in the Netherlands, but it must be roughly 10 years. The Netherlands already had a decent sized VMUG event every year when I started visiting it. Before that I knew that the VMUG existed but I somehow never found the time or opportunity to attend those "smaller" events. Nowadays, as most of you probably know, The Netherlands organizes the largest UserCon worldwide. It is a bit crazy considering we are a tiny country. Something to be proud of for sure, and a great effort by the VMUG Leaders.

What does VMUG mean to you?
To me the VMUG represents our customers. I work for VMware and I present and attend these events as I get valuable feedback from customers of different sizes and different verticals. Although I am not a "user" in the traditional sense, to me the VMUG is all about the users. I love the conversations and the discussions before and after sessions. I really appreciate the feedback customers are providing, and if possible I try to help getting problems people experience solved or at least explained. This is also the reason why you see me presenting at smaller VMUG events and at larger UserCons. I need to hear stories from customers with three hosts and fifty VMs, as well as customers with hundreds of hosts and tens of thousands of VMs. To me these users both provide a unique insight. 

What is your participation in the upcoming VMUG Virtual Event?
I have the pleasure of presenting the keynote at the upcoming virtual VMUG event, and what is unique compared to most keynotes is that I am going to show some of the features we are currently thinking about developing or exploring. This is a great way for us to get early feedback, does it make sense or maybe not? If not, what would we need to do to make it useful. Hopefully during and after the keynote I will get lots of feedback and comments again.

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