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VMware Wants to Share for August

By Lori Donaldson posted 08-14-2018 11:27 AM


VMware Wants to Share for August 


Get Certified at VMworld 2018 and Save 50%

 Are you joining us at VMworld 2018? We’re extending a 50% discount off VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification exams taken at VMworld. Not sure you’re ready? We’re offering certification prep classes the weekend before the event! You sign up through your VMworld registration.

 VMware Education Services is also offering additional discounts for VMworld attendees:

  • 25% off On Demand courses
  • 25% off a VMware Learning Zone (our 24/7 training hub) Premium Subscription


Don’t miss this opportunity to save money and build your skills! Learn more.


vSphere 5.5 EOGS coming soon!

End of General Support (EOGS) for VMware vSphere® 5.5 is September 19, 2018.To maintain your full level of Support and Subscription Services, VMware recommends upgrading to vSphere 6.5. Note that by upgrading to vSphere 6.5 you not only get all the latest capabilities of vSphere but also the latest vSAN release and capabilities. For more details and resources check out our blog or visit the VMware vSphere Upgrade Center


vSphere 6.7 is the efficient and secure platform for your hybrid cloud.

vSphere 6.7 provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility accelerating your digital transformation to hybrid cloud. vSphere 6.7 supports both existing and next-gen workloads through:

(1) Simple & efficient management at scale, elevating the customer experience to an entirely new level.

(2) Comprehensive built-in security that starts at the core, via an operationally simple policy-driven model.

(3) Universal application platform supporting new workloads and leveraging hardware innovations for enhanced performance.

(4) A seamless hybrid cloud experience with easy visibility, migration and management of workloads between on-premise and public cloud.

With vSphere 6.7, you can now run, manage, connect, and secure applications in a common operating environment, across the hybrid cloud. Learn more about vSphere 6.7 capabilities by visiting our YouTube channel.


Wavefront integrates with Pivotal Container Service

We’re excited to announce deeper integration with Pivotal Container Service (PKS). From within PKS, Wavefront and PKS customers can instantly send Kubernetes metrics into Wavefront SaaS metrics monitoring and analytics platform for holistic visibility into the health of Kubernetes and running container performance.  This deeper integration enables SREs and overall DevOps teams running Kubernetes to create predefined Wavefront alerts for important KPI.


New automation tooling gets boxed-up by Box

 Box recently open sourced its automation tooling for Wavefront. The tooling automates aspects of their job as they support Wavefront implementation across 400+ engineers and rates exceeding 800K metric points per second. But with 1000s of alerts and dashboards in use, Box engineers sought additional ways to automate for all of their use cases. So they built wavectl, a command line client to Wavefront. wavectl builds on the Wavefront API and evolved from the use cases that Box’s SREs and platform engineers saw. 


PKS 1.1 into GA

PKS 1.1 went into GA on June 28th. PKS 1.1 supports Kubernetes 1.10, with enhanced high availability, networking and security, as well as management and operations features for running Kubernetes in production. You can now deploy Kubernetes clusters across multiple Availability Zones, delivering greater resiliency for Kubernetes deployments.

Learn more about the new features of PKS 1.1. :


Download White Paper: Containers on Virtual Machines or Bare Metal?

Containers, some say, render hardware virtualization unnecessary: why do you need virtual machines (VMs) now that you can run containers on physical hardware? This white paper meets objections to running containers on VMs with technical explanations and evidence-based responses. Download here:


VKE is now available for public Beta

June 26th we announced the public beta of VMware Kubernetes Engine, a Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering that is the latest addition to our VMware Cloud Services portfolio. Customers can now request access to the public beta through the VKE website:

If you missed details on the announcement you can still read the two blogs that were published on that date:

Introducing VMware Kubernetes Engine:

PKS + VKE: COnsistent kubernetes experience for developers, more operations flexibility and control:

The latest VKE information can also be found on the VKE vault page:


A Postcard from Africa…and Aspen 

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger authors a LinkedIn article on his recently completed climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds to build a high school for girls in Africa and his experience at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference. He draws a parallel between developed and emerging economies, as they both recognize the critical role that technology plays in supporting their future development. Gelsinger says he is optimistic about the future of technology because of four “superpowers” that are unlocking game-changing opportunities: Cloud, Mobile, AI and IoT.


Virtual Cloud Networking: 10 Things You Need to Know

Networking is undergoing a fundamental transformation.  Companies now understand that their network must enable rapid change to support modern workforces. Today, the cloud is of utmost importance to the digital life of the end user. Virtual cloud networking connects and secures applications and data wherever they are located— in the cloud, data center, branch or the edge. A slideshow breaks down ten importing things readers should know about Virtual Cloud Networking.


A Clear Case for the Cloud: Why CIOs Often Start with These Apps

A piece dedicated to CIOs just starting their journey to the cloud. There are opportunities for CIOs to prove and add value to their company’s top line. Corporate websites, microsites and mobile apps are often customers’ first or final impression of a brand, as well as tools for acquiring heaps of valuable customer data.


Agents of Change: Maurizio Davini, a CTO Reinventing a Centuries-Old Organization

As CTO of the University of Pisa – one of the world’s oldest universities - Maurizio Davini is responsible for shaping its digital future while preserving its cultural heritage. Davini looks forward to the emergence of new technologies, which offer opportunities to redefine the university experience: Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, the University of Pisa also incorporates machine learning into research and IT analytics in order to design a future-ready solution for high-performance computing and machine learning.


5 Questions About VMware’s Stake in the Native Public Cloud

A Q&A with Milin Desai, General Manager of VMware Cloud Services, on native public cloud strategy. Native public clouds are critical to the digital future of organizations worldwide. Known for bringing consistent infrastructure and operations to private and hybrid clouds, VMware has emerged as an indispensable partner to IT organizations on the journey to the native public cloud.