Bringing Native Backup, Recovery to VMware Cloud on AWS

By Lori Donaldson posted 01-28-2019 06:49 PM


ClearSky Data recently announced support for VMware Cloud on AWS. The move signals the availability of native, cloud-based backup and recovery for companies migrating to the cloud. As one of the first VMware partners to provide this solution, ClearSky gives VMware Cloud on AWS users the complete reliability and redundancy they know and trust from their on-prem environments with all of the benefits of cloud-based backup. It’s about simpler backup storage, improved recovery times and seamless onsite-and-offsite copies of data that are accessible wherever it's needed.

VMware Cloud on AWS service runs in public cloud infrastructures and provides connectivity to the ClearSky Data fully managed service for on-demand backup and disaster recovery (DR) without the need for a physical data center installation. For VMware Cloud on AWS services, the ClearSky service offers enterprise-grade backup capabilities, easy migration to the cloud, and lets customers automatically protect their VMware Cloud on AWS workloads.

As a VMware Cloud on AWS technology partner, ClearSky Data lets customers deploy the same proven solutions seamlessly in both the public and private cloud. VMware simplifies the deployment and eliminates the need for partners to refactor solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS. If a partner solution works on-premises in a VMware vSphere® environment, it will easily support VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware technology partners complement and enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS service and enable customers to realize new capabilities.

Enterprises want an exceptional, cost-effective and simple backup for their VMware Cloud on AWS workloads, and they deserve the flexibility and choice in solutions that drive business value. Our block and file storage-as-a-service include its CloudEdge appliance, which can be co-located in AWS to provide on-demand primary storage services with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery.

For organizations extending their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud running on next-generation Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) bare metal infrastructure, ClearSky is a clear choice. It’s an option that leads to better backup with predictable costs, no replication or egress fees, limitless capacity and access anywhere while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 50 percent.

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