Highlights from VMware: February 2019

By VMware Post posted 03-26-2019 05:14 PM


Highlights from VMware: February 2019

Leverage Training to Maximize Ongoing IT Performance

Competition is increasing, causing organizations to transform and respond to customers and competitors. This often requires leveraging technology to improve agility.

Current and ongoing research reveals that initial training improves technology utilization generally, and virtualization project specifically, and that continued training improves ongoing performance. Find out how in this blog from Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education at IDC.

IDC interviewed organizations that have invested in VMware Education and Training for their IT employees. Study participants described how staff who have completed VMware Education and Training courses are more knowledgeable and productive than untrained employees.

Learn more and download the white paper today.



Behaviors and Biases: Understanding Cloud Economics    

Cloud technologies have taken off because Cloud Economics make sense. But it is important to understand your "blind spots" when making architectural decisions around moving to hybrid cloud.      



Hive Drives Service Excellence in Smart Homes with Wavefront   

Christopher Livermore, Head of Site Reliability Engineering at Hive explains how Wavefront helps Hive measure and deliver reliability, security, and efficiency for their customers.             



VMware Certification: Recertification Is Changing and What It Means to You     

The VMware recertification policy of a two-year upgrade was in place to help you maintain relevancy through upgraded certifications and up-to-date skills. However, we want the VMware certification program to match the needs of each candidate and allow the flexibility to do what best supports individual and organizational needs.

 We heard your feedback and, effective immediately, the mandatory recertification requirement will be removed from all current certifications. We want you to upgrade and recertify when it’s important or viable for you.

 To learn more about these changes and what they mean to you, check out this blog.


Free VCAP6-NV Certification Exam Prep      
Are you planning to get your VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCAP6-NV) certification? VMware is offering a free online (on-demand) VCAP6-NV test prep to help you prepare for your certification.​                                 



Multicloud Kubernetes Seminar      

Modern applications are being deployed in hours instead of days or weeks with container orchestration. Kubernetes has been accelerating application development and enabling enterprises to pave the path for microservices, but are you ready to deploy and operationalize Kubernetes?

Join VMware and your peers for this free, half-day seminar to get introduced to Kubernetes and what it takes to run, manage, and operate Kubernetes. Attendees will receive $150 credit to use with VMware Cloud PKS!"            


New vSphere Platinum Lightning Lab          

VMware vSphere Platinum combines the industry leading capabilities of vSphere  with the advanced security capabilities of VMware AppDefense. Try our new vSphere Platinum Lightning Lab for a hands on experience, no installation required.


App Monitoring: Commercial vs. Open Source?     

When building a SaaS product with a tight engineering budget, turning to an open source monitoring tool such as Graphite or Prometheus deployed in-house may look like a great option. Though, with scale for user growth, using open source tools could negatively impact everyone in the chain for any number of reasons. Learn the key elements for team leaders to consider when determining the right monitoring tools for the changing landscape.                      


Visualize Application & Networking Metrics Together with Wavefront’s SNMP Integration

When it comes to monitoring the performance of network activities, being able to ingest data from the SNMP interface is very important and can give you complete observability of all your stacks. With Wavefront’s SNMP integration, learn how you can overlay network metrics with system and application metrics to enhance the dimension of your issue triaging.                            


VMware vSphere Platinum and Security Webcast Series   

"VMware vSphere Platinum offers intrinsic and comprehensive security for your infrastructure. Learn about Strategies for Securing Your Data Center from the Foundation

to the Application in the following VMware Webinar