Highlights from VMware: April 2019

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Highlights from VMware: April 2019

Thought Leadership

The Three Phases of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Explaining the three phases of enterprise cloud adoption—pollyanna, paranoia, pragmatism—VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and CloudHealth CEO Tom Axbey discuss their vision for the enterprise multi-cloud future.           

How Will CloudHealth and VMware Cloud Fit Together?          

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shares that VMware will incorporate multiple cloud services into CloudHealth to create the ultimate multi-cloud solution for customers.

For Multi-Cloud Management, the Partner Ecosystem Is Invaluable

In this video, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and CloudHealth CEO Tom Axbey discuss the significance of partners in this new multi-cloud era.          

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders with Active Mentoring           

Duncan Hewett, VMware Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, discusses how active mentoring helps build your succession plan and empowers the next generation. Here are five things to consider.                             

Accelerating Digital Transformation with VMware Partners

Jenni Flinders, Vice President of VMware Worldwide Channels, shares the latest in partner news. We're rolling out a new VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency for VMware partners!         

Customer Advocacy highlighted in recent RegalixTV Interview  

In Customer Advocacy we don’t imagine what our customers need – we actually find out what they need by talking to them.’ Check out Kate Woodcock’s interview with Kevin Benedict from RegalixTV where she shares more of Customer Advocacy’s secret sauce.          

Customer Success

Case Study: How a Cloud MSP Wins with Wavefront    

Managed service providers (MSPs) are winning with cloud adoption as more of their customers migrate to cloud services for digital transformation and modern applications. Learn how Masterson, a cloud MSP based in Hong Kong, uses Wavefront to monitor across applications to cloud, containers, and infrastructure and better assure its customers as well as add new revenue streams based on AI-driven analytics and business dashboards.    

Product Updates

Announcing vSphere 6.7 Update 2, vSphere Platinum updates and vSphere ROBO Enterprise

Earlier in April, VMware announced the availability of vSphere 6.7 Update 2, vSphere Platinum updates and vSphere ROBO Enterprise. Would you like to learn more about these releases that are now available to download?  Group Manager of Product Marketing for vSphere, Himanshu Singh from VMware has written a blog to highlight the following topics-

1- How vSphere 6.7 U2 delivers simplified operations, enhanced security, and support for new applications?

2- How vSphere Platinum's AppDefense delivers increased application visibility and enhanced security lifecycle management?

3- How vSphere ROBO Enterprise delivers enhanced security and business agility to the infrastructure at your remote sites.

Built-In Security for Apps, Data, Infrastructure and Access        

VMware vSphere Platinum is a purpose-built security solution protecting enterprise applications, infrastructure, data, and access. It combines two proven products: vSphere, the industry-leading, efficient, and secure hybrid cloud platform for all workloads, and VMware AppDefense, data center endpoint security powered by machine learning and embedding threat detection and response into the virtualization layer, to reduce security risk. While being operationally simple, vSphere Platinum ensures applications and virtual machines are running in their known-good states, with minimal overhead and performance impact.              

Introducing vRealize Operations 7.5!   

We’re pleased to announce the release of vRealize Operations 7.5, available as of April 11! What’s new in this release? HCI operations, app-to-infrastructure visibility, and integrated compliance, for starters. But that’s just scratching the surface… check out the announcement blog for full details.                     

Wavefront Reins in PCF Resource Consumption while Optimizing Applications Running on It    

The Wavefront Pivotal Application Service (PAS) integration for applications running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) enables PCF platform operators to visualize infrastructure resource metrics and correlate applications to their underlying PCF components and VMs. Together PCF operators and developers can monitor applications, VMs, cluster components, and cloud services health and performance in a single platform. Learn how can you alert and troubleshoot smarter by correlating PCF infrastructure and applications.                    

Wavefront Demystifies and Improves Microservices with Service Mesh Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing is essential for debugging and understanding microservices. It enables users to detail a request across multiple services, databases and intermediaries like proxies. Wavefront provides a cloud-native scale-tested distributed tracing solution for Istio+Envoy. Wavefront does not require maintaining any servers – its 3D observability includes out-of-the-box traces, metrics, and histograms. Learn how Wavefront’s distributed tracing for Istio helps you better assure your microservices.        

VMware Skyline v2.1 Now Available    

VMware recently released the latest version of proactive support with Skyline, which helps customers avoid problems before they occur. The latest release adds support for Horizon and vRealize Operations Manager, as well as new features like Inventory View and ability to Mute Findings. Skyline also includes Log Assist, which enables you to automatically upload support log bundle files to VMware Technical Support, helping reduce Support Request time to resolution. Learn More.     


Professional Development

VMware Technology in Action: New vSphere Applied Skills Workshops Announced

We are pleased to announce the release of three new vSphere workshops which will provide you with a more immersive, hands-on way to go beyond the theory and explore practical use cases with vSphere in a live environment.  Building on your knowledge from previous vSphere courses (or many years of experience), these workshops are designed to apply the concepts learned to a real-world lab environment.

To learn more, check out this blog and join us for a sneak-peek webcast on May 7. It will cover what is included in these new workshops and provide you an opportunity to connect with one of our Senior Technical Instructors during a live Q&A.  

Upcoming Exam Retirement Dates       

With the release of new certification exams, we will be retiring previous versions of existing exams. If you are preparing to take one of these exams, this will give you enough time to study, prepare and schedule the exam. You may also start to prepare for the next version. Discover which exams will retire on August 30, 2019.       

Upcoming VMware Learning Zone Webinars

There are many new webinars and instructor hours coming up on VMware Learning Zone (VLZ). Click here to see the lineup!