Highlights from VMware: May 2019

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Highlights from VMware: May 2019

Thought Leadership

Employee Experience – Bridging HR and IT       

We’re excited to announce the launch a new Employee Experience report “Understanding the Value of Digital Employee Experience.” This new global survey combines the input of 6,400 employees, HR and IT respondents across 19 countries to connect digital employee experience to business performance and its influence in attracting and retaining talent. Check it out for yourself and learn new ways IT and HR can partner to create better employee experiences that drive competitive advantage. Download the Report here.       

Customer Success Stories

How VMware Cloud Engineering Team Exceeds SLAs with Wavefront

As VMware’s Cloud Engineering microservices grew, they added more containers and costs started rising uncontrollably. Initial monitoring vendor’s non-transparent pricing, hidden charges, proprietary collection agents and lack of analytics to customize packaged dashboards were main reasons to try Wavefront.  Now, Cloud Management Business Unit rely solely on Wavefront for reliability and health analysis across all microservices, build pipelines and hybrid cloud infrastructure. MTTRs are reduced by more than 90% and new developers became productive within a couple of hours. Ultimately, Wavefront became their first pane of glass for exceeding in delivering critical cloud services with strict SLAs. Read more.

Better Cloud Monitoring for MSPs

The disconnect between enterprises’ cloud needs and capabilities is creating a massive opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Full-stack cloud monitoring is essential for MSPs to monitor cloud operations proactively and resolve problems before impact to their customers’ businesses. An apt example of a successful MSP is Masterson Technology Ltd., a Hong Kong-based cloud MSP focusing on cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Masterson relies on Wavefront to provide their business customers with advanced analytics, insightful dashboards and smart alerting for easy consumption, and critical insights leading to business advantage. With Wavefront, Masterson can easily accommodate and scale with their business customers’ dynamic demand increases as their requirements change.      

Education Services

New and Improved VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) User Interface           

VMware recently announced the release of a new and improved VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) user interface. In addition to a cleaner, brighter, and more engaging interface, the new VLZ UI has been rethought and rebuilt from the ground up to deliver a more modern, intuitive, and impactful experience for our learners. A Basic Subscription to the VLZ is free and requires a simple login. Premium and Enterprise subscription are also available. Learn about the new features of VLZ and live online events here.                                          

New Courses from VMware Education Services

Last month VMware Education Services released 5 NEW courses. These include the first of three VMware Technology in Action vSphere workshops which will provide you with a more immersive, hands-on way to go beyond the theory and explore practical use cases with vSphere in a live environment. To learn more and review course summaries, check out this blog.        

Upcoming VMware Certification Exam Retirements - August 30, 2019

With the release of new certification exams, we will be retiring previous versions of existing exams. Visit the Certification Blog, which include the list of exams that will retire on August 30, 2019.       


Corporate Events

VMworld 2019 Registration is Live!

The more you know, the bigger your impact. VMworld gives you the information, tools, and partnerships you need to solve today and tomorrow’s cloud-based challenges. Register now for VMworld 2019 to advance your knowledge, explore tech’s next wave, and build new connections.                

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Customer Advocacy

Aligning technology roadmaps to drive higher customer satisfaction

Check out this video to learn how we are creating greater alignment by educating customers on VMware’s Strategy & Roadmap to help achieve their business outcomes. With the voice of our customers leading the way, Customer Advocacy partnered with VMware’s Sales and Marketing leaders to standardize customer roadmap education.  VMware Sales Leaders, Michael Brunner and Chris Kelleher, share that we have enhanced the customer experience by providing customers exactly what they asked for: visibility to VMware’s solutions roadmap and how it aligns with their own.