Highlights from VMware: July 2019

By VMware Post posted 07-22-2019 12:45 PM

Highlights from VMware: July 2019

Explore Kubernetes at VMworld 2019

VMworld US is fast approaching—the agenda is taking shape and this year’s event offers a great opportunity to explore Kubernetes. The Cloud Native Apps team at VMware recognizes that attendees are at different points in their Kubernetes journey, so here are a few highlights for different profiles:

For the vSphere Admin or individual new to Kubernetes:

  • Workshop—Intro to Containers and Kubernetes. This pre-event half-day workshop covers cloud native fundamentals; attendees will deploy their first cluster in our lab environment.
  • Demo stations. We’ll be unveiling new Kubernetes products —be among the first to get hands on.
  • Breakout sessions. We have 20 sessions on Kubernetes, including introductory material.

For the Platform Architect or Operator responsible for running Kubernetes:

  • Hands-on-labs. Work in our lab environment through key steps in cluster lifecycle management.
  • Meet the experts. Grab dedicated times to connect with our Kubernetes Architects.
  • Breakout sessions. We have 20 sessions on Kubernetes, including more advanced topics.

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VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started as a vSphere Admin

By now, you are very much aware of the VMware Cloud on AWS offering. Want to dig deeper into understanding how to extend, migrate and protect your VMware environment to the AWS public cloud? Kev Johnson, a Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware, recently posted a blog on this topic answering key questions on the how and why of extending your on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud. Find out more


The Top Choice for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

There's a reason VMware leads the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market with over 41% share and continues to grow two times faster than our closest competitor. With the most customers in production worldwide, the richest ecosystem in the industry, and the broadest set of deployment options on the market, VMware provides the only enterprise-proven, full HCI stack that puts you on the path to hybrid cloud.

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Education Services:

Don't Miss Expanded Live Online Events in the VMware Learning Zone

Check out the broad range of FREE webinars and instructor hours coming up in the VLZ. If you haven’t dropped in on one of our Instructor Hours, you won't want to miss out. These offer a unique opportunity to interact directly, delve deeper, and ask your specific questions. Learners have ventured into topics such as: “How do I get started? Is this feature appropriate? If I want to achieve X, is Y the correct tool? What complementary solutions can I use? What is the best way to achieve my task?” Now, it’s your turn to ask!

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Claim Your Spot for these VMworld 2019 US Sessions

VMworld 2019 US Schedule Builder is your ticket to getting a seat in the hottest sessions. And it’s easier than ever to register! Simply log into your VMworld account, click on content catalog, find the sessions you want, and add them to your schedule. The VMware Education Services Team is excited to present at 30+ sessions! Simply click on the session link and add it to your Schedule Builder. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and develop your skills.

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Product Updates

Get Full-Stack Observability for Your Kubernetes Environments

Wavefront provides immediate insights across OpenShift environments: containerized applications, Kubernetes, and underlying infrastructure. Developers and OpenShift operators can aggregate metrics from thousands of hosts, tens of thousands of containers, across multiple clouds. Also, Wavefront enables developers and DevOps teams to not only easily deploy and run the containerized code but to alleviate code issues by understanding Kubernetes system metrics and instantly troubleshoot containers and applications microservices.

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Skyline Update: New Release and New Proactive Findings

The latest release of Skyline Advisor includes features and functionality designed to improve our customers’ proactive support experience:

  • Support Requests displayed in Advisor
  • Ability to search for an object within the left bar navigation filter
  • VxRail version incorporated in Inventory View
  • VCF and VCF-VxRail tags displayed as solution tags in Inventory View
  • Horizon and vROps included in Collector Account Details
  • Dashboard now available in Advisor and Environment section includes NSX-V, Horizon and vROps
  • Nine new proactive Findings
  • ‘Feedback’ and ‘Report an Issue’ static buttons are no longer blocking text on the screen Thank you for your continued support in helping customers adopt and use Skyline.

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