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  • Boise VMUG Leadership & Next Meeting

    Hello Boise VMUG,

    My name is Chris Sprague and along with Todd Grimes we make up the new Leadership team for our Boise VMUG community!  We are excited to look for new ways to bring the community together!  As we both work for vendors/OEM's we would very much like anyone from the customer side who would like to step forward and join the leadership team, or be on our steering committee, to do so. Please reach out to either of us if you have any interest!   For all our members out there, we would love to hear any ideas that you would like to bring to our VMUG community. Whether it is ideas for meetings, venue suggestions, sponsor suggestions, etc., we welcome them all!

    Announcement #2 is around our next VMUG meeting.  I know we all want to get back to in-person meetings as soon as possible, however we have a virtual first initiative until September at this point.  So to get us all together we will have a vBeers event on June 30th at 4pm.  A great time to say hello to summer and goodbye to the first half of the year! Please grab your favorite beverage and join us to talk tech, and community events!  You can access the event and calendar invite from the link under Upcoming Events.

    Look forward to chatting soon!
  • Phoenix UserCon 2021

    Reminder - Register for the Phoenix UserCon 2021

    Great topics, network with others, share your knowledge and experience and come away with some new skill and possibly some awesome swag.