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  • What systems are you running? Are you booting enabling old processors? We need a bit more info to be helpful. ------------------------------ James Kissler Engineer/Specialist KeyW (SEC) Sierra Vista AZ ------------------------------

  • Howdy, I am looking to upgrade some of my older homelab gear to ESXi 7, however I don't seem to have a compatible storage controllers in any of my older Dell boxes.  For those of you successfully running ESXi 7 on older gear, what controllers are you ...

  • Ah, yes. It is Shift+O, my bad. Glad that it works! ------------------------------ Michael Goossens ------------------------------

  • Thank you, Michael. I was able to use Shift+O (rather than Ctrl) and I had to wipe the Weasel entry because adding "allowLegacyCPU=true" after it caused the system to not see any of my drives and hold things like logs in RAM. After wiping that it has ...

  • Hi, It is not supported but you can still install vSphere 7 on Xeon 56xx series CPUs. While booting the installer (during the countdown), press CTRL + O to edit the boot options. Then add allowLegacyCPU=true at the end of the line and press enter. This ...

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