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Las Vegas Is Home For VMworld 2018
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Las Vegas VMware User Group (VMUG) influences technology for Nevada

Las Vegas VMware User Group (VMUG), a global community member of +100,000 VMware experts in data center virtualization, cloud engineers, digital workspace thought leaders, and Cloud Architects. This community is led by inspiring Business and Technology Leaders transforming the Cloud in Las Vegas Nevada and aiding to accelerate transformation across the globe.  Nevada has become a data center nerve center for advanced Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, AWS Cloud, Storage, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Cyber Security in this global VMworld.

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We are all things Business and Information Technology in this amazing age of digital workspace and virtualization.  VMware aligned user groups are independently lead by amazing virtualization gurus influencing technology trends. There are over 500 hardworking highly motivated leaders across this planet driving a force that is building the best digital workspace technologies, stronger IT environments, greater hypertech communities, and next generation workforce. The community recently became bigger when VMware User Group merged with Dell Technologies. Now we’re a ridiculously huge industry influencer that is demanding next generations of Converged Infrastructure (CI) and Hyperconvergence Infrastructure (HCI) Software Defined Data Centers and Networks - powerful awesomeness!

The Las Vegas VMware User Group can help you meet your goals

Our VMware driven VMworld brings it all together with thought leaders
that know why modernization and workloads must be simplified to allow business to meet demands. Our VMware community adopts and spreads the word quickly about best in class solutions found at VMworld! Show us what you got, get social, bring the transformation energy to the Las Vegas VMware User Group event - teach us something innovative with your best technology ideas!

What can Las Vegas VMware User Group do for your hi-tech educational event?

From a single meeting point you have valuable face-to-face access with Las Vegas' high octane hyper-tech VMworld. Establish relationships with local leaders, consultants, virtualization engineers, data center managers, innovation influencers, and business decision makers. Gain insider information about new projects, budgeting, disruptive challenges, and more. Show us how you solve nothing less than the biggest business problems with innovative solutions. Impress Us - Get The Word Out!

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Keith Nunnery today at 702-527-1198, let's talk about how Las Vegas VMware User Group leadership can help your innovated technology event that transforms business.

IT’s Social. IT’s Energy. IT's Cool. IT’s Las Vegas VMware User Group (VMUG)

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  • May 2018 VMUG vBeer

    Las Vegas VMware User Group will return to World of Beer early May. Check back often for event details
  • Las Vegas VMware User Group vBeer - April 2018

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