phoenixNAP Webcast: Foundations of Zero-Trust Security Cloud Architecture

When:  Jan 14, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
The concept of “zero-trust security” has changed the approach to cloud architecture design, extending the focus from the perimeter-based security to the entire network.

Based on the principle “Never trust, always verify,” the zero-trust security model treats every request for network access inside a firewall as a suspicious activity. By removing trust between network nodes, this approach protects a cloud environment against east–west traffic or lateral-moving traffic inside the data center. The result is a reduced risk of network breach or disruption even in organizations and environments where hundreds or thousands of users are accessing the network remotely.

In this webinar, phoenixNAP’s EVP of Products, William Bell will talk about the foundation of zero trust security cloud architecture and best practices for its implementation. The session will particularly focus on the the capabilities of VMware NSX and its deployment on phoenixNAP’s secure cloud platform – Data Security Cloud.


-Overview of threats to cloud environments

-Key principles of zero-trust security

-Best practices for implementing ZT model

-Features of VMware NSX microsegmentation

-Data Security Cloud architecture overview

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Speaker: William Bell, Executive Vice President of Products

Mr. Bell is an accomplished information technology professional with extensive experience in cloud computing, information security, and IT infrastructure. As EVP of Products at phoenixNAP, he is instrumental in the architectural design of virtualized environments that address the fluctuating needs of users worldwide while maintaining required levels of data protection. With a background that includes creating and implementing security strategies and controls across organizations, Mr. Bell frequently provides his insights and expertise to industry tradeshow audiences and publications.