Ribbons and Badges

Interested in the badges and ribbons?

Participate in the VMUG Community Badge Competition going on now through June 30! Members are invited to submit a design that best represents your local community and VMUG Leaders will conduct the contest. Click here to read all details. We look forward to seeing everyone's designs! 

Here's an explanation of the current ribbons in place: 

Newbie VMUG Member: Member is new to the VMUG Community for 90 days or less
VMUG Advantage Member: Member has a VMUG Advantage subscription
VMUG Board Member: Member is on the VMUG Board of Directors
VMware vExpert: Member is a certified VMware vExpert
VMUG Leader: Member is a local VMUG Leader
Super Connected: Member has 20 or more contacts
VMUG Rockstar Member: Member has 10 or more contacts, linked Twitter account and a member of a local Community
VMUG Run NSX: Members who belong to the NSX Community
VMUG iTweet: VMUG Members who have Twitter accounts
VMUG Contributor: VMUG Members who have contributed 10 or more discussion posts
VMUG Superstar Contributor: VMUG Members who have contributed 30 or more discussion posts

Stay tuned…more ribbons coming soon!

Are you missing a ribbon or badge? If so, send us a message at memberservices@vmug.com