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Understanding the difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay


There are several types of essay writing. Each essay has its unique purpose as well as importance. Sometimes, students get stuck in the middle while creating a deep-dyed writing piece. It happens when a student mingles the concept of one essay with another. Especially when it comes to writing a detailed writing piece on narrative essay or descriptive write my essay, the students get confused.

In this article, we will highlight the concept of both specific essays to develop a better understanding of each writing piece. Firstly, students need to understand that essay writing has become a mandatory subject of a degree program. University students cannot avoid themselves from learning this art as its domain is vast.

If you are also one of those students who are confronting issues in understanding both essays' differences, you must follow a prominent essay writing service. You need to keenly observe the writing work related to narrative and descriptive essays, respectively. Let's highlight the concept and requirements of both specific essay types one by one.


  • Narrative essay writing

Undoubtedly, everyone likes to share stories of their past personal experiences with one another. The history of story-telling is as old as this world is. The primary theme of narrative essay writing is the same as telling a story about something. Moreover, the students can pay for essay writing services. However, it is not merely telling a story straightforwardly; instead, it is much more than that. 



A narrative essay is a genre of academic writing that demands a student to narrate a real-life event it had experienced in the past. It is the utmost duty of a student to describe an event or series of chronological order events. Moreover, it urges a writer to involve the text's sensory details and draw a moving picture of an event. 

Furthermore, a student has to highlight all the significant characters in the custom essay. Each character should have a spate role that counts in making the essay absolute. One more thing, this particular essay requires a scribbler to introduce the climax before concluding the entire writing piece. 

Besides, the author should present such an event as it forces the readers to action regarding the situation. The readers can give an opinion, suggest something viable or recommend a new idea regarding a particular situation.


  • Descriptive essay

It is one of the major essay types. This particular essay type demands a student to describe a thing, place, or person in detail. Understanding its concept is as simple as ABC; however, when it comes to writing a comprehensive descriptive essay, the students fret out. It happens when the students fail to involve the sensory details and emotional feelings in the content.

As its name implies, a student must describe a particular subject in detail by covering all aspects. A writer must draw a moving picture of the scene to lure the readers' interest in the essay. However, there is no requirement of highlighting each event or step in a specific time-frame.


  • Highlighting the differences of both essays
  1. A narrative college paper writing service urges readers to take action after reading the entire writing piece. In contrast, no such requirement is there in a descriptive essay.
  2. In narrative writing pieces, the author is bound to explain each event or section of the essay in a specific time-frame and chronological order. On the other hand, there is no such requirement in a descriptive writing piece.
  3. In a narrative essay, there are several characters involved in completing the story. However, in a descriptive essay, the whole story usually revolves around the author and the primary subject.

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