Rick Scherer, VCDX-DCV, DECM-EA

Dell Technologies

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Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies
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Rick Scherer is currently a Principal Enterprise Architect for Dell Technologies, supporting American Express as a chief technical adviser. Independent author, public speaker and founder of

After graduating high school at age 14, Rick’s journey in technology began in the .COM space supporting UNIX (Solaris) systems that were critical to the companies internet and web-hosting and web-delivery services. Notably in 1999 Rick was introduced to VMware as a means to run multiple Linux based desktops on a single machine.

In 2001, Rick took his knowledge and experience to The City of San Diego where over his tenure he formed and lead a Technical Architecture team, re-platformed thousands of SPARC based systems to x86 powered by VMware Virtualization, and led the march for a next generation data center and end-user computing transformation.

In 2008 Rick started sharing these experiences to the masses by starting his blog site, Shortly after starting his blog site he started contributing to the San Diego area VMware Users Group (VMUG) where he helps lead the group bringing virtualization, software-defined, and end-user transformation knowledge to the greater community. Also during this time-frame he started contributing as a technical editor for a number of published books on VMware, including Scott Lowe’s “Mastering VMware vSphere 4″. In 2009 Rick was honored by becoming one of the first VMware Certified Design Expert, the highest level and most scrutinized VMware certification available.

For over 15 years Rick has been the lead architect on many large scale Multi-Cloud solutions that leverage multiple technologies such as Software-Defined Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Native Platforms such as Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Kubernetes, managed by Ansible/Puppet/Chef. His ability to turn business requirements and technical possibilities into successful projects makes him one of the most sought after resources in the industry.