Brian Viscuso, Data Center/Systems Engineering/Database Administr

County of Henrico VA

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County of Henrico VA
County of Henrico VA
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With over 20 years of IT experience, I currently serve as an IT Project Lead for the County of Henrico, Virginia with a focus on systems administration, storage, virtualization and data center management. Originally from Indianapolis, I attended college to become a high school science teacher but changed course due to challenges in the job market. Instead I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Geology and spent the next six years as an environmental Geologist/Hydrologist doing local DEQ and EPA site cleanups. Besides learning the nuances of mobile drill rigs and soil sampling, computers and technology were always key components to the work I was performing. During the mid-1990’s, my career progressed naturally into the field of Information Technology where it remains today. My professions have led me to live in five states over the last 23 years diversifying both my career and life experiences.

In IT, I have been fortunate to work across a wide range of delivery platforms and scale. My experience ranges from managing a three-server farm with a small research division at the EPA, to some of the largest, worldwide, self-hosted application infrastructures of their kind at the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) for Blackboard, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Microsoft FIM.

I’ve also had the distinct pleasure (tongue firmly planted in cheek) of being the technical lead for six separate Office 365 migration projects successfully migrating nearly 8,000 accounts to the Cloud with an estimated cost savings of ~$1.2 million over 5 years. For those of you contemplating a move to the Cloud, or who think the Cloud is the cure to your ills, all it really does is shift your pain points … trust me.

In addition to being the datacenter manager and lead for the Enterprise Systems Engineering team at the VCCS, I served as the Director of Systems Engineering at the University of West Florida and have spent time with both a small non-profit called and Capital One as a contractor.

For the past ten years, I’ve settled down in central Virginia where I’m focused on the most important and challenging roles I’ve ever taken, a husband, and a father to identical twins. Hobbies or other interesting things about me … I have twin eight-year-olds. Need I say more?