Jure Jevsjak

NetSafe Distribution d.o.o.

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NetSafe Distribution d.o.o.
NetSafe Distribution d.o.o.
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Trough the years of my different employers I have found my calling which is solution selling. I like to understand my customers needs in order to support them with the best solution possible. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. 

I started working in a warehouse of an IT retail company where after some time I progressed to position of store manager. After that I started working in IT distribution where after some years I became product manager of VMware. I worked clo
sely with VMware team from who I tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible. After some successful years working with VMware I received an opportunity which I could not turn down. I am not the Executive Manager of NetSafe, offering IT Security solutions which have tight integration with VMware, keeping me close to a virtualization technology which is shaping the world.