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Bring Distributed Architectures for the Digital Future to Your Organization

The nature of work and the boundaries between office and home have changed. Networking and security must merge to support seamless, secure, reliable application access to cloud and SaaS for users at the branch, home, or away.  

This webcast series will offer practical insights on how to bring network and security architecture to the digital age with VMware NSX and Intel.

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NSX EMEA Webcast (In English): Context-aware Security and Network Modernization for Times of Volatility

Thursday, 29 October, 2020 | 9:00AM EST/ 1:00PM GMT

Speakers: Chris McCain, Technologist Director, Network and Security, VMware & Ahmed Ibrahim, Director of Sales Enablement, Intel

IT teams had their hands full with digital transformation and modernization initiatives before the world suddenly came to a halt with a pandemic. Enterprises had to quickly pivot overnight to build and strengthen online businesses, shift customer engagement models, empower a remote workforce, and protect their assets as cyberattacks surge.

From cloud to data center to edge, enterprises are rethinking their networking and security strategies, priorities, technologies and investment decisions to be better prepared for the unexpected. In this session, we will examine networking and security technologies designed for rapid change. Enterprises are building and managing full-stack networks with broad and deep visibility today, and deploying security policies rapidly without any hardware dependencies by leveraging VMware NSX and Intel.



NSX EMEA Webcast (In Italian): Context-aware Security and Network Modernization for Times of Volatility

Thursday, 12 November, 2020 | 4:00AM EST/ 10:00AM CET

Speakers: Stephania Iannelli, VMware and Marco Righini, Intel

L'essenza stessa del lavoro e i confini tra casa e ufficio sono cambiati. È diventato necessario unire networking e sicurezza per supportare l'accesso continuo, sicuro e affidabile delle applicazioni al cloud e al software SaaS ovunque si trovino gli utenti: in ufficio, a casa o fuori sede.

Questa serie di webcast offre informazioni pratiche e approfondite su come implementare l'architettura di rete e di sicurezza nell'era digitale, utilizzando le soluzioni VMware NSX e Intel.

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NSX EMEA Webcast (In German): Context-aware Security and Network Modernization for Times of Volatility

Thursday, 19 November, 2020 | 4:00AM EST/ 10:00AM CET


Speakers: Daniel Stich & Michael Schnappienger, VMware and Michael Burkardsmaier, Intel

Die Arbeitswelt hat sich verändert und mit ihr die Grenze zwischen Büro und Zuhause. Networking und Sicherheit müssen zusammengeführt werden, damit Anwender in Zweigstellen, im Homeoffice oder unterwegs nahtlosen, sicheren und zuverlässigen Anwendungszugriff auf Cloud und SaaS erhalten. 

Diese Webcast-Reihe bietet praktische Informationen darüber, wie Sie Netzwerk- und Sicherheitsarchitektur mit VMware NSX und Intel ins digitale Zeitalter bringen.

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NSX EMEA Webcast (In French): Context-aware Security and Network Modernization for Times of Volatility

Wednesday, 2 December, 2020 |4:00AM EST/ 10:00AM CET

Speakers: Nicolas Bayle, VMware and Othman Bouizi, Intel

La nature du travail et la séparation entre l’office et le domicile ont été changées. Les réseaux et la sécurité doivent fusionner rapidement pour offrir aux utilisateurs un accès transparent, sécurisé et fiable aux applications Cloud et SaaS quelque soit l’utilisateur est à domicile ou en déplacement. 

Cette série de webcast vous donnera des informations pratiques pour concevoir et mettre en œuvre l’architecture des réseaux et de sécurité à l’ère numérique avec VMware NSX et Intel.

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