Palo Alto Networks Roadshow

Security Roadshow

Join the Security Roadshow in partnership with Palo Alto Networks to learn how to deliver best-in-class security in your virtualized environment.


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Join us to learn how you can improve the security of your VMware ESXi and NSX environments using virtual firewalls. Using a combination of real scenarios and demos, we will introduce you to how virtual firewalls work, the best practices of securing virtualized and hybrid cloud environments, and we will demonstrate how Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtual firewalls integrate with VMware technology to provide the most robust security posture possible for your virtual infrastructure.


  • Introduction to Virtual Firewalls
  • Key Use Cases for Virtual Firewalls
    • Private cloud security
    • Hybrid cloud security
    • Branch and remote office security
  • Virtual Network Security Best Practices
    • Network visibility, segmentation/micro-segmentation, threat prevention
  • Tips and Tricks for Success
  • VM-Series Integration with VMware NSX Overview
  • VMSeries and NSX Demo

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