vSphere with Tanzu Event

vSphere with Tanzu

Join this exclusive educational event to gain insight and discovery into VMware vSphere with Tanzu. You will get live training and information from VMware experts, who will take you through a curated and customized set of hands-on modules on vSphere with Tanzu. Participants who complete the modules and assessments will receive a certificate.

LIVE Training Event | June 8th
EMEA Region: 9 AM - 1 PM (CET) Add to Calendar
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Take the first step to grow your sphere of influence and invest in your career for the next decade.

Technology trends, competitive dynamics and evolving customer needs demand that organizations modernize their existing applications and build new modern applications to meet the needs of the business. These modern applications are distributed in nature and comprise of containers, virtual machines and microservices, using Kubernetes and running across on-premises, cloud and edge environments.

vSphere with Tanzu puts you in the unique position of being able to take advantage of this industry transformation, by embedding Kubernetes directly into the control plane of vSphere. So, you can leverage your existing vSphere knowledge to easily be able to run and manage containers and Kubernetes workloads.

This vSphere with Tanzu live training event has been designed to help you learn the most critical components and modules in a way that is easy and accessible:

  • Pre-Work
    • Available on Sunday, June 6th: Provide pre-work learning content, that will establish a knowledge base into the Tanzu application prior to the immersive learning experience on the day of instruction.
  • Live Instruction
    • On Tuesday, June 8th: Live instruction that will walk learners through carefully chosen topics on vSphere with Tanzu with VMware experts providing guided instruction as well as integrated chat that will enable social learning.
  • Post Work
    • Closes on Thursday, June 10th: During the conclusion of the event participants will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion. The post-work portion of this event includes a formative assessment that is derived of the content during the live instruction.


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