Call for Content

Become a Thought Leader

Becoming a VMUG Thought Leader is a wonderful opportunity to grow professionally, connect with your peers, and network with fellow IT professionals around the world. We encourage you to share your expertise with fellow VMUG Members through our numerous content offerings here at VMUG.



2021 Call for Content - NOW OPEN!

We are actively seeking proposals from VMUG Members across all our VMUG communities as we know it takes a village to build top-quality diversified content. 

VMUG strives to provide top-of-the-line resources, experts, and solutions to all our members throughout the year. Through VMUG, VMware customers learn how to optimize their solutions, solve real-world business challenges, develop new connections, and drive professional growth. Submit your content today and join us as we continue to create valuable offerings through our many VMUG events and platforms.


Types of Submissions

Event Content

VMUG strives to offer a variety of event formats for our members throughout the year. Submit your technical expertise or use-case scenario that would be beneficial to the VMUG Community. Expand your Sphere - see below for our 2021 Event offerings to see where your submission would fit best.


Partner Content

Our events are well-respected by our members, educational in focus and designed to help attendees learn about current and future technology solutions and practices to enable cloud infrastructure solutions. Speaking at VMUG events is a great experience for you to connect and share your solutions with the VMUG member base. If you are interested in bringing your technical expertise to the VMUG member base and establishing your company as an expert in the industry, please contact


Marketing Content

Looking to expand your experience outside of public speaking? Submit content today for our podcasts, blogs and VMUGTV, and help create more valuable learning opportunities for VMUG members.

Submit Today

Are You a Subject Matter Expert?

Our members want content that will help them develop their business and technical acumen. We’re looking for sessions that address:

  • Driving today’s business decisions through real-life implementation stories and case studies
  • Practical insights to help solve today’s business challenges and create real business outcomes and solutions
  • Deep dive technical presentations that focus on tips and tricks, best practices, how to maximize the use of the solution
  • Winning strategies for accelerating digital transformation in the industry

Each year we receive more submissions than we can accept. While there are some repeat presenters (only those top rated by attendees), we do seek to ensure the majority of our speakers and presentations are brand new for each event.

If you’re interested in applying, we need well-thought-out, complete, unique submissions. Content that is intermediate to advanced scores the best—this audience is well beyond entry-level definitions. And don’t shy away from lively discussion—this is a forum for industry collaboration, and debates and out-of-the-box thinking are appreciated. Challenge the audience with unconventional thinking.

2021 Content Offerings



Local Meetings, VMUG UserCons & VMUG Global Virtual Events
VMUG is continuously working to find creative ways to connect VMUG members to you the presenter! As we continue to consider the changing event environment, we are working to offer a wider range of events to our VMUG membership. VMUG wants to provide various learning opportunities, whether at the local level by providing content directly to local chapters, at our Global Virtual Events, or our in-person VMUG UserCons.



The VMUG Collective Blog is written by VMUG members for VMUG members. Posts cover a variety of topics, including technical overviews, reviews on the latest VMware upgrades and releases, forecasts and insight on the global tech industry, and more. If you’re interested in writing a blog post, a series of posts, or already have a post that you think would work well on the Collective, please submit it here.



There are two podcasts for VMUG members – VMUG Unfiltered and VMUG Collective Podcast. If you have a customer success story on VMware products you’d like to share, please submit your idea to VMUG Unfiltered. If you have an idea for an episode or series you believe would benefit the VMUG membership at large, please submit your idea to VMUG Collective Podcast.


VMUG TV (Video)

VMUG TV is for any VMUG member who wants to upgrade their skillset, see product demos, or elevate their career. If you have an idea for video(s) in one of our existing series (Hello From My Home Lab, Hack Your Career, or C.O.R.E) or for an entire new VMUG TV series, submit it here.

Content Types

It's important to understand the type of content VMUG members are interested in. Below are the 9 content types and any related VMware products to help inform your content submissions.

Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure

  • vSphere
  • vCenter Server
  • VMware Cloud on Dell
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Azure VMware Solutions
  • Google Cloud on VMware Engine
  • Oracle Cloud Vmware Solution
  • Cloud Foundation

Virtual Cloud Networking

  • NSX
  • vRealize Network Insight
  • SD-WAN

Storage and Availability

  • Site Recover Manager
  • Virtual Volumes
  • VMware Site Recovery

Cloud Management

  • vRealize Suite
  • vRealize Automation
  • vRealize Operations
  • vRealize Cloud Universal
  • vRealize Cloud Management

Anywhere Workspace

  • Horizon
  • Horizon Apps
  • Fusion for Mac
  • Workstation Player
  • Workstation Pro
  • Horizon Cloud
  • App Volumes
  • Workspace ONE

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • Dell Vx Rail
  • vSAN
  • VMware Cloud Foundation

Intrinsic Security

  • Carbon Black

App Modernization

  • PKS
  • Tanzu

Multi-Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Health
  • Secure State
  • VMware HCX

Telco & Edge

Professional Development

  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Advancing Your Career
  • Team Success