EVALExperience FAQs

When will other products be added?

The EVALExperience program team will assess possible additional products on an ongoing basis.

What is included in the EVALExperience product offering?

A 365-day evaluation license for use in a home lab for personal use only. These licenses may not be used in a production environment.

How long do the product licenses last?

The product licenses available are 365-day evaluation licenses that require a one-time annual download along with the user’s annual renewal of the VMUG Advantage subscription.

Who is eligible?

This exclusive offering is available to VMUG members with a current VMUG Advantage subscription.

May I combine my license with others' licenses?

The evaluation license may not be combined with others’ licenses.

How much does it cost?

The VMUG Advantage Subscription costs $200 per year for an individual subscription.

Is support included?

The software is provided to VMUG Advantage subscribers with no associated entitlement to support services in association with the EVALExperience licenses.

What if I can't find or never received my license key code?

Each downloaded license key is good for one year from download date. If you have lost your license key, please visit the “Your Account/Orders” section within Kivuto. Your Order History will be listed and each license key will be visible for you to access.

When I renew VMUG Advantage, do I continue to use the same license keys?

Upon renewing your VMUG Advantage subscription, we will provide you with a new set of license keys that you can order through the Kivuto product store. There is no need to tear down your lab or re-download the product unless you are upgrading to the next version.