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Welcome to the new NSX Community at VMUG!

This new community will be dedicated to network and security virtualization.  It will serve as a robust resource for individuals who are motivated to learn more about VMware NSX and its tremendous impact on the data centers of today and tomorrow.  VMware NSX is at the core of next-generation enterprise solutions for IT automation, micro-segmentation, application availability, and cross-cloud architecture.  This community will offer an opportunity for Q&A with NSX experts and product managers, special community content, discussions with peers, and much more.

For even more information about VMware NSX, you can check us out on Twitter @vmwarensx and on Facebook @vmwarensx

We also have a blog about all-things network and security virtualization. You can read that blog here

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  • NSX has unveiled 2 new tools, namely, Application Rule Manager (ARM) and Endpoint Monitoring (EM) in version 6.3.0. These tools help users to quickly profile an application to understand its communication patterns and one-click write distributed firewall ...

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  • +1 for vRNI.  To the point of how effective the NSX license might be.  Going from nothing to something is a huge step in the right direction.  For a home lab I would think the 6 CPUs would be adequate.  Admittedly my labs tend to be based on recycled ...

  • VRNI would be sweet. ------------------------------ Scott Bowe Senior Systems Engineer Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee WI ------------------------------

  • An honest question that can be portrayed as being greedy, but do you really think that 3 dual socket hosts, or 6 single socket hosts is really enough hardware to effectively exercise NSX, especially if you are going to trying to deploy the full stack ...

  • Hmmmm  VRNI, never hurts to ask!!! ------------------------------ Networking Program Coordinator / Instructor, MATC VMUG Board of Directors, vExpert & EMC Elect VCC, VCP, MCP, BADDC, CCA, EMCISA & VAI @bckirsch linkedin/in/bckirsch ------------------------------


  • NSX Community Moderators

    With so many of you joining the new NSX Community at VMUG every single day, we wanted to specifically call out the NSX Subject Matter Experts who have also joined the community so you know who they are.

    Reach out, get engaged, and ask questions! They are here to help you learn more about NSX and answer any questions about the product you may have.

    Andreas la Quiante - NSX Systems Engineer, Germany
    Brett Drayton – NSX Systems Engineer, Australia
    Caio Oliveira – NSX Senior Systems Engineer, Brazil
    Catherine Fan – NSX Product Line Manager
    Chris McCain – NSX Director of Technical Certifications
    Eva Leong – NSX Product Marketing Manager
    Hadar Freehling – NSX Systems Engineer, Security
    Jacob Rapp – NSX Director of Technical Product Management
    Jason Scanga – NSX Systems Engineer
    Jon Pawlowski – NSX Senior Systems Engineer, Commercial
    Katie Holms – NSX Product Marketing
    Kausum Kumar – NSX Senior Product Manager
    Keith Luck – NSX Principal Engineer
    Luca Morelli – NSX Senior Systems Engineer, Italy
    Martijn Smit – NSX Systems Engineer, The Netherlands
    Nikhil Kelshikar – NSX Senior Director of Technical Product Management
    Nimish Desai – NSX Director of Technical Product Management
    Paul Mancuso – NSX Technical Enablement Architect
    Pooja Patel – NSX Senior Manager of Product Marketing
    Prabhu Barathi – NSX Senior Systems Engineer
    Ron Fuller – NSX Systems Engineer
    Sarah Pham - NSX Product Marketing
    Saurabh Shah – NSX Senior Product Manager
    Sergey Marunich – NSX Systems Engineer
    Steve Brown – NSX Senior Solutions Architect
    Trever Jackson – NSX Senior Systems Engineer, Commercial
    Wade Holmes – NSX Senior Technical Product Manager

  • Welcome to the journey...

    Back in the early days of virtualization I remember the first vMotion’s and how it would leave people speechless, a few years later it was a new feature called fault-tolerance.  Time and time again VMware left people speechless wondering what “magic” could they come out with next. A few years ago, VMware introduced a product so revolutionary it left people wondering what they had seen.  Well what they had seen was a technology called NSX.  This was more than a feature, this was a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole into a world virtual machine portability and micro-segmentation that simply never existed before. 

    So, as we find ourselves in Wonderland looking at the incredible ability of NSX we come back to this new community.  With any new exciting journey like NSX it is a journey best done with the community and our peers.  So, with that I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this new and exciting community around one of the most revolutionary technologies to come to the modern data center since the hypervisor.

    Brian Kirsch, M.Ed.
    VMUG Board, NSX vExpert & Dell | EMC Elect
    @bckirsch   #RunNSX

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